Happy Holi Celebration!!!

This year at ECH we celebrate the Holi with a different way painting the face by our Artist Rajan and Sajjani with assistance of prabita in a wonderful way!  Everyone has one design painted on their face with a different new look! It was a remarkable day for the children with a lot of fun and joyfulness!

Pinkathoon and football competition!!!

Our girl’s team participates on Pinkathoon for the awareness program regard the cancer. Alina, Prabita, Sujata with their two friends attend the race of 5km and 2km. overthousand of girls participated on this event and it was a great for the girl! And the rest of boys and girls participated on a football competition. Oour boys and girls team did their best performance but they could not win the match but they had  fun and enjoyed, learned and meet many other children too!


Extra activities Creative art & Fun!!!


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