Idea of our children home
Even in the event of the 21st century there are thousands of poor, parentless and abandoned children in Nepal, who are deprived of their primary rights of education and living a normal life. Therefore, the idea of the home came to help those helpless children and to provide food, shelter, clothing and education unconditionally. In the beginning, 15 Ward Community development committee of Dallu started a kind of daycare class. We could make our ideas come true from January 2008 Elviras children home. The home commits itself towards overall development of the children, by providing all their basic needs and besides of that, to instill in them the feeling of confidence, security and self-dependency as they grow up.

Goal of our children home
So far, the home has been able to house 16 children (9 girls and 7 boys) at present, 12 children (5 girls and 7 boys) passed the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) successfully, and 8 children (5 girls and 7 boys) were integrated with their family and supporting more than 15 children for their education from our neighborhood and villages. Our School Leaving Certificate (SLC) passed out children are doing their higher education in Science, Management and Humanities faculty. It has taken the responsibility to let them live in a secure environment, like every child should have in a family atmosphere. Nevertheless, the home will put every effort to make the benevolent service available for the children until they grow up into responsible, confident, self reliant individuals and proud citizens of Nepal. It does not make any sense to provide all kinds of help and facilities to the children for only one single year and then leaving them to their previous deplorable state. It will, in fact, worsen and create more confusion in their minds. So, the home guarantees sustainability and continuity of the service to them. We will leave no stone unturned to continue our work, by trying to find willful sponsors, locally and globally, and will organize fund raising programs like exhibitions of the children's art works, paintings, dance performances, etc. Our home can support more needy children in the near future for their education and health according to the sufficiency and the continuing flow of funds and also established child development institute in the future.

Consideration and contribution
" A drop of water dries away, but thousands of them combined will form a big ocean", so we request every individual, firms, institutions, NGO's and government bodies to extend their kind help, by contributing whatever they can, in supporting our true attempting, for raising and educating the needy children and We like to express our thanks to those who have supported us.
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